The Milk Carton Shop - Home Goods and Gifts


The Milk Carton is a brand new home goods and gift shop in Fayetteville, AR near Dickson and the University of Arkansas. It contains an organic, ever-changing, curated collection of high-quality, affordable home decor, goods, and gifts from local makers and exotic places.

A milk carton is a seemingly insubstantial object, yet it evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Everyone remembers sitting at lunchtime with their friends through elementary, middle school, and high school with at least one milk carton present on the table. And, it was a special day when you got chocolate milk! The sensation of opening a milk carton and taking that first sip is something that immediately takes us back to childhood.

The Milk Carton is meant to evoke that childlike curiosity, contentedness, and wonder that we all had as children – when we could find joy in the small, seemingly insignificant things. The building itself seems small and insubstantial but once you open the door, you enter a world of enchantment, never knowing what magical finds will delight you. 

We want to bring Fayetteville a unique shopping experience while supporting the local community. The items in the store are akin to items you would find in Urban Outfitters with a touch of the traditional (think Anthropologie). And, 60% of our items are locally crafted!